5 Fruits to Help You For Fat Loss

5 Fruits to Help You For Fat Loss

Everybody like eating fruits.The fruits are tasty and help us fulfill our sweet naturalness and they are full of essential vitamins and minerals. But can you eat fruit during your weight loss journey? Well, of course, you can eat any fruit during weight loss, as long as you live in the calorie deficit.

However, there are some fruits that will actually help you lose weight.

1. Watermelon:

Watermelon, as it is known by name, has 91% water and 6% sugar. Its consumption will ensure that your body has been hydrated. And when you have too much water in your body, it removes the toxic substances coming out of it.

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In 100gm of Watermelon

30 Calories

Carbohydrates= 8g

Dietary fiber=0.5g


Proper hydration also ensures that you do not go for binge eating. Because watermelon is so rich in water, as compared to other fruits. Your body will feel satiated for a longer period of time.

2. Muskmelon: 

Muskmelon also called Cantaloupe, is known as ‘Kharbooja’ in Hindi. When it comes to fat loss then they are one of the best fruits. They are rich in beta-carotene, beta-carotene is a natural fat burner.

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In 100gm of Muskmelon

34 Calories


Dietary fiber=1g


Muskmelons are also high in water content which gives your body a sense of fullness.

3. Orange: 

Oranges are super rich in Vitamin C which is very helpful for weight loss. It becomes a great choice of fruit in a weight loss diet as it is low in calories, low in glycemic load and high in fibre. 

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In 100gm of Orange

47 Calories


Dietary fiber=2.4g


Orange is also known to keep your digestive system strong which keeps our body free from toxins because of smooth bowel movements. Oranges are filled with potassium, an electrolyte mineral which is responsible for cardiac function. It is well supported when potassium levels are very low. Then you can develop abnormal heart rhythm, which is known as arrhythmia. It is rich in antioxidants that strengthen your immune system.

4. Apple: 

Apple is available all around the year. We all know the numerous health benefits of an apple. And it finds a special mention when it comes to weight loss. An apple a day keeps the fat away.

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In 100 gm of Apple

52 Calories 


Dietary fiber=2.4g



Apples are more filling because they are less energy-dense, yet still, deliver fiber and volume. Beta cells produce insulin in the body and are often damaged in people with type 2 diabetes.The polyphenols in apples help prevent tissue damage to beta cells in the pancreas.


5. Pear: 

Pear is known as ‘Nashpati’ in Hindi. It is low in calories and rich in fibre called Pectin. It is known as suppress hunger. Also, helps stabilise the cholesterol levels in your body.

In 100gm of Pear 

57 Calories


Dietary fiber=3.1g



The fleshy and fibrous pear fruit has a very significant role to play in human digestion. With a serving of pear available 18% of daily requirement for fibre intake, they can be a very strong agent for digestive health and function improvement.




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