This Meal will help you Gain Weight in just 5 days

This Meal will help you Gain Weight in just 5 days

How to gain weight fast? How to build muscle fast? If you are looking for gain weight or want to develop some muscle then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to share with you one simple recipe that will help you achieve your goal faster.

The best thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t require any cooking. No fancy equipment, no blender, nothing. All you will need is 5 simple ingredients, which I promise are very easily available near you in the markets. So, if you are living in a hostel or you’re working professional who doesn’t find time for cooking this will be your go for meal. I will answer the most F.A.Q’s about this dish at the end of the article but let’s check out the recipe first.


Main Ingredients (For 1 servings)

Rolled Oats – 40 grams

Curd – 200 grams

Banana – 1 medium

Dates – 5 (pieces)

Peanuts – 30 grams


  1. Put 40 grams of Rolled Oats in a bowl
  2. Add 200 grams of curd and mix it well (so that oats are properly soaked in the curd)
  3. Fill top ½ of it with a layer of freshly cut banana pieces
  4. And another ½ with pitted dates
  5. Finally, sprinkle a handful of unsalted roasted peanuts onto it

That’s all, this tasty mass gainer meal is ready. So, it cannot get better than this. One small meal and you’re getting 703 calories, perfect for muscle building and masking. What enhances its practicality is that it hardly takes one minute to make it. And at the top of it, it is purely vegetarian.

As you see, it’s a very simple recipe probably the simplest that you have seen. And believe me, it is very tasty. Especially, when you have sweet tooth, it will be an absolute treat fun.


Now, let me answer some of the F.A.Q.s which might be popping in your head at this moment.


Well, it is a complete meal in itself. You can have it at almost any time of the day, you can include it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, if you ask me I will suggest you to include it, between the meals. Like you can have it, as a pre-workout meal. For example – If you work out at 6 O’clock in the evening you can have it at around 4 O’clock. So that, it gets totally digested before you start working out. And if you are working out in the morning you can have it as an evening snack.

No. Of Times

However, it is no compulsion it’s totally up to you. I would suggest you to have it at least once a day and maximum twice a day. Although, even if you eat it three times a day, it will not give you any kind of side effects. But I’m sure you get bored of it and of course, there are so many other options. So, once a day is good enough. 

Uncooked Rolled Oats

Well, I knew this question will be on your mind. Yes, when it comes to rolled oats you can easily have that without cooking it. You can add them to shakes, smoothies or mix them with curd as we just did in this recipe. They will taste absolutely fine. Actually, among other ingredients, you won’t even taste them. In this recipe, I have used natural oats by Quaker.

Oats by quaker

Best Price

You can also buy the same or you can go for any of the brands. Just make sure you see the ingredients before you buy it. It should not have any other ingredients other than Oats. When it will have it forever if you want to but I would suggest you to have it for at least 15 consecutive days to see some visible results.

Weight Gain Common Mistakes

Scientifically, if you are looking to gain weight & build some muscle then you should stay on a calorie surplus on a daily basis. Why most people fail to gain weight because they are unable to stay in a calorie surplus. However, when this kind of feed which is over 700 calories will be in your diet as an evening snack. You are most likely to stay in a calorie surplus and hence it will help you gain weight. I would advise you to not change any of its ingredients. As I said, it can be a good snack option that means it is not a very big meal but it is still giving you up 700 calories, What makes it a perfect mass gainer meal is its ingredients.

Allergic or Vegan

If you observe, all its ingredients are naturally very high in calories. Peanuts, dates, bananas and curds they are all very high in calories. So, if you try to change the ingredients it won’t be as effective as it should be now. If you are allergic to peanuts we have no choice but to change them. Peanuts are a source of healthy fats. So, we must look for other foods which are good sources of healthy fats. We will also make sure that they are also high in calories. So, in this recipe peanuts can be replaced with almonds, cashews or walnuts. 

Lion Desert King DATES
Source :

Best Price

Well, if you are a Vegan you can obviously not eat curd. In that case, you can replace it with a black-based yoghurt like soy yoghurt. I will suggest you use dates which are dark in colour. In this recipe, I have used Lion Desert King DATES. These are seeded dates easily available in markets.

Muscle or Fat

A body can gain weight in the form of muscle or fat but in both the cases, it is important to stay in a calorie surplus. And now, if you eating in calorie surplus but you’re not working out your body will gain weight in the form of fat. On the other hand, if you start working out along with the calorie surplus diet, you are most likely to add on weight in the form of muscle. And when I say workout I mean weight training or some form of resistance training.

Male and Female

Absolutely, when it comes to nutrition there is no difference between males and females. The only thing that differs is the quantity. So, if you feel that 700 calories is a bit too much for you in one serving. You can consume the same meal in reduced quantity so that, you get about 500 calories from it. This meal already has about 20 grams of protein. Yes, if you want to increase the protein content by adding by about ½ to 1 spoon of whey protein depending upon your own muscle maturity.

So Friends, I hope I’ve answered almost all the questions if you still have any doubts please feel free to ask in the comment section below. I hope you found this article helpful. Well, if you take please share your feedback in the comment section and like our Facebook Page to stay updated.

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