Top 10 Education Blogs in India

Top 10 Education Blogs in India

Gone are those days when students used to sit in the library and read on for long hours to find information on the subjects related to their interest. With invent of the internet we have got a chance to get any type of information on the click of a button. The Internet has different engines which store a plethora of information and content on any possible topic that you can think of. The world of education is fast changing its pace in terms of online education, learning and personal development with the introduction of newer tools. To bring the best of knowledge and facilities amongst students some experts have come up with various top education blogs in India that cover a wide spectrum of information.

Now it’s no tougher to keep up with the expanding knowledge. Educational bloggers of India brings you lots of information on career options, educational institutions and exams, learning options, various courses, etc.

Here are the best 10 educational blogs in India that everyone should benefit from. Read on to know more:

Top 10 Education Blogs in India

1) Global Educates

When we speak of education blogs, Global Educates must be on our list. It is one of a kind block that reveals valuable information to the public about career-related courses, and list of schools and colleges in India or abroad.

You can absolutely rely on this education blog for the steps from the enquiry today in admission procedure and related information about it. Global educates is an organization that values the merit of every student and serves for his/her better future.


2) Propel Steps

Propel StepsAs our life changes, there are many changes brought out in the education system. Education is the main stepping stone towards building up a nation and its prosperity.

Propel Steps is a unique educational blog that inter-connects your life to education. The blog brings you very useful information and gives an ideology of positivity to the society.

The reviews and thoughts brought up in this educational blog is a mix of traditional values and modern learning’s. The blog acts as a really good platform for knowledge sharing and discussions.

3) Multicultural Kids Blog

multicultural kid blogsThe Multicultural Kids Blog is available in many countries like Australia, Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Austria, China, France, India and many other countries. It is a unique blog that aims to bring different cultures of the world together.

It strives towards raising the citizens of the world through art, food, culture, crafts, and lots of affection. It teaches us and our children how to tolerate other people in the world.

It makes us familiar with different cultural diversities by educating us about different languages, types of food, festivals, fashion trends, history, books, weddings and celebrations, etc.

4) Educational Initiatives

Educational InitiativesThis educational blog was established in the year 2001 and is run by experts having experience in the field of education of over 15 years.

They provide a world-class education to the students by delivering personalized learning classes to ensure that each student is able to understand the subject well. Child psychology is kept in mind while designing the content, mode and method of learning.

The learning material includes interactive audio-visual aids that help the student understand the content. The educational blog initiatives blog works in conjunction with world organizations like Google, World Bank, Azim Premji Foundation, Duke University, etc

5) MCQ Biology

The name of this blog suggests that it provides knowledge and education in the subject of biology. The blog offers multiple choice questions on topics related to biology.

MCQ Biology aims at developing awareness about the subject of biology. The question bank consists of new and newer questions every day to make the topic interesting.

The syllabus covers vast areas in the field of biology that helps students to access broader aspects of learning the subject.

6) Learn, Out Of The Box

Learn, Out of The Box is an educational blog formed by the partnership of Vodafone and Pratham. This unique educational blog encourages its uses to make learning a fun activity and an exciting task.

This blog combines learning with technology to enhance the quality of learning. This out of the box thinking in establishing a rapport with students and teachers is worth to be appreciated.

 7) Magic Pathshala Blog

Magic Pathshala BlogWith the evolution of the internet era, people more often prefer E-learning rather than digging into hundreds of books in the library to gather relevant study material.

Magic Pathshala blog does exactly the same; it gives children a platform to learn with the help of different languages and multiple tools and devices.

Magic Pathshala Blog aims to discover the true potential of kids and take the responsibility to shape their future.


8Cards, Craft, Kid’s Projects

 Cards, Craft, Kid’s ProjectsHave you ever gone out of ideas to make creative assignments and projects for your kid? As the name says it, this blog helps students complete various projects with creative and DIY ideas. Dr. Sonia SV is the founder of this blog and her blog also concentrate details about the art and craft stores near you. This makes it easier to hunt for supplies to make the projects.

9) Lets More Education

Lets More EducationEntrance exam becomes a nightmare for many students if you do not prepare in advance. Most students seek information about different entrance exams and the related details about each.

Lets More Education is one such platform that brings you information regarding various entrance examinations like exam date, mode of payment, syllabus, centre allotment, and much more. The blog also includes education tips, career guidance, loans, recruitments, etc.


10) Goelsan

Education acts as a foundation in a person’s life; it is very essential to shape your future and keep you rooted in times of difficulties. You can never take away the ability to make wealth from a person.

Goelsan is a blog that provides information related to computing and engineering. It brings you guidance from experts, researchers, educators, professionals, etc that help you making the right decisions.


We have tried to make you familiar with different and popular educational blogs in India. Hope you have benefitted from the information provided in our post.

Do let us know if we have missed any of your favourite blogs in the comments below.

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